Steady, honorable, non-bullshit content creation has been a recent goal of mine. One of the things that keeps me a tad honest is my weekly InsightTimer live session (2022.11.04). Each week I choose a different topic, or sometimes I wing it, but the format is always a short meditation, followed by a little chat, and then another slightly longer meditation often inspired by the subject matter of the day. Last Sunday I read Ecclesiastes 3, and shared some ideas, and then guided a meditation which can be found below titled “Seasons Within The Breath”- I jazzed it up with some editing and a little background music so it would be easier to get for someone who wasn’t there for the whole live session. I did the same thing the week before with “The Weight of Our Attention,” also somewhat biblically inspired.

You’ll notice that I like to blend concepts from various religious/spiritual traditions- especially Thai Forest Buddhism and “esoteric” Judeo-Christian perspectives. For the most part I simply follow the inquiries that arise in me along with those of the good folks who attend my live sessions, and try to apply my best understanding. Sometimes that understanding is very limited and I try to be very up front about that. I do a bit of sleuthing, sometimes asking friends who are more knowledgable on a subject, but mostly I “give it a goog” and follow the breadcrumbs. Also, of course, meditation and contemplation themselves can bring insights, even if it’s just another thing to put into the search engine.

At the risk of thwarting my stated goal above, I’ve begun a third paragraph, which I am now abandoning, but I won’t erase, because I’m hoping it will be funny (bullshit is ok as long as it’s funny- fingers crossed).

Newest guided meditations below. You have the choice of clicking on the title of the meditation, which will download the mp3 to your device, or you can choose one of the options at the end of the description. Your comments, follows, subscribes, thumbs up, etc., are appreciated.

The Weight of Our Attention (13min)- The root of the biblical word for honor comes from the word weight- it also can connote glory, respect, distinction, and importance. Where we place the weight of our attention determines much in navigating our path. Music by RelaxingTime. Image by Kengo Itou. YouTube, InsightTimer

Deepening Ease with 3 in 6 out breathing (11min) This is a guided breathing meditation emphasizing extended exhalations, which encourages relaxation. We’ll move between this specific in 3 out 6 breathing, and just allowing the breath to move of its own accord. This meditation could encourage calm, getting better rest and sleep, or becoming grounded Music by Piotr Witowski. InsightTimer, YouTube, InsightTimer

Seasons Within The Breath (12min)- Inspired by a reading of Ecclesiastes 3, this meditation considers the breath as an analogue for the ebb and flow of the seasons, and that within the vastness of the All, far from the unknowable ends, there are gifts therein which can nourish us. Music by IvyMusic. Image by jplenio. YouTube, InsightTimer(coming soon)

Post Image by Anja

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