1 Minute Meditation, 2 Minute Meditation, 3 Minute Meditation, 4 Minute Meditation …. A series of meditations designed to illustrate how much can be accomplished in a short time with some devotion and attention. The inspired meditator is pointed to the enormity of the smallest instant of time, and the immeasurable speed and scope of the mind. Each successive meditation contains more guidance, but also more silence for practice. Thanks to Reimund Bertrams, Gerd Altmann, TheFunkyPixel, and Rick Brown for the wonderful images for Insight Timer. 1minyoutube 1minInsightTimer, 2minYT 2minIT, 3minYT 3minIT, 4minYT 4minIT

Beginner’s Breath– (7 min.) A brief breath meditation for everyone. IT, YT

Returning to the Breath and Body for Well-being (8:21) A short mindfulness of breath and body meditation, recorded live. This meditation could be useful to initiate a longer silent practice done on your own, or as a quick recharge meditation any time of day to reorient to the intention for well-being, and become grounded in the body. InsightTimer

Cultivating Good Will (For Children and Older) (9:15) I wrote this meditation while thinking about how important it is for people to have a sense of good will for themselves, and that this sense can be instilled or neglected very early in life. By using some techniques I use in my everyday meditation practice, I tried to create a guided meditation that is accessible to any child who is old enough to follow along for about 9 minutes. I hope you and your children find this meditation useful! The background music is an excerpt from “Our Peaceful Ocean,” by Music of Wisdom https://www.musicofwisdom.com/.     On youtube, IT

10 Minute Metta– A simple and brief Metta (good will, kind regard, loving-kindness) Meditation for new or experienced practitioners. On youtube, insight timer, LBRY

Cultivating Compassion (For Children, etc) (12 min)- Compassion is an extension of good will which arises when we witness pain in the world and we’d like it to end. The meditation follows a similar pattern to my meditation, “Cultivating Good Will,” but will require a little more attention. I hope you and your children find this meditation useful! The background music is an excerpt from “Deep into Nature,” by Music of Wisdom https://www.musicofwisdom.com/. IT

Body Scan– (~13min) A short body scan, using the breath, and beginning with a brief invocation of good will. IT

15 Minute Mindful Breathing– Improvised mindfulness of breathing, based on how I guide the beginning of my own sittings- gives guidance for posture, breathing, body, and feeling awareness. On IT