Hey, Y’all, A few new recordings- bit of a sleepy theme lately, maybe it will be useful for you or someone you know. Peace.

Click on name for download or on Insight Timer or Youtube link.

Good will (metta) for peace of mind, better rest, and sleep (15:30) I’ve been working on my own rest and sleep practice lately and it has inspired me to bring some of that into my recordings. Pulling from various aspects of meditation practice, like breath meditation, yoga nidra, nsdr, and metta or good will, this meditation encourages a posture of benevolence to pervade the whole being, giving us confidence to truly relax and restore in our practice. The music is Meditation Sounds by RelaxingTime. Image by Bru-nO. YouTubeInsightTimer

Resting Well (16 min)- This is a restoration practice, inspired by Yoga Nidra and NSDR, that can be used as an aid to sleep or for rejuvenation any time of day. It is backed by the lovely track “The Inner Calling” by Narek MirzaiYoutubeInsightTimer

Extended box breathing (for greater ease or sleep) (6min) This type of breathing (4 second inhale, 4 second hold, 6 second exhale, 2 second hold) is known to help with panic and anxiety, focus, and to get ready for sleep. We begin with a couple deep breaths and then move into a simple guidance on when to inhale, hold, exhale and hold. This can be done on your own of course, but sometimes it’s nice to leave the counting to someone else when the goal is to relax deeply. 4:30 of guidance, then music lingers. Music: A Meditation by Ashot-Danielyan-Composer Image by Kordula Vahle. YoutubeInsightTimer

Returning to the Breath and Body for Well-being (8:21) A short mindfulness of breath and body meditation, recorded live. This meditation could be useful to initiate a longer silent practice done on your own, or as a quick recharge meditation any time of day to reorient to the intention for well-being, and become grounded in the body. InsightTimer

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