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My latest meditation (scroll down for full ~alphabetical list) and also be sure to check Youtube as I have been adding many of my meditations there:

Cultivating Compassion (For Children, etc) (12 min)- Compassion is an extension of good will which arises when we witness pain in the world and we’d like it to end. The meditation follows a similar pattern to my meditation, “Cultivating Good Will,” but will require a little more attention. I hope you and your children find this meditation useful! The background music is an excerpt from “Deep into Nature,” by Music of Wisdom

Courses -Also available on Insight Timer.

Texts, Teachings -Classic teachings read aloud.

Guided Meditations

To download a meditation, click on the name. Most meditations are also available in the application by insight timer. You can check out a few of the meditations on YouTube.

10 Minute Metta– A simple “on-the-go” Metta (good will, kind regard, loving-kindness) Meditation for new or experienced practitioners. On youtube, insight timer, LBRY

20 Minute Metta– Same as 10 minute metta with silence inserted to allow for more space. On yt, IT

15 Minute Mindful Breathing– Improvised mindfulness of breathing, based on how I guide the beginning of my own sittings- gives guidance for posture, breathing, body, and feeling awareness. On IT

A Beautiful Place– (15 min.) A meditation which considers that the heart/mind is like a natural setting, and with wise cultivation, it can be a beautiful place which can be with us always. There are a few separate reflections with some silence in between. On yt, IT

Authority of Well-Being (16:38) This is an improvised meditation taken and edited from my “free form meditations”- while I often will write a script based on a concept I want to express, I also like to record some meditations straight from my own present experience and practice. Occasionally I come across one that I think worked well. I hope you like it! On IT, yt, LBRY

Beginner’s Breath– (7 min.) A brief breath meditation for everyone.

Body Scan– (~13min) A short body scan, using the breath, and beginning with a brief invocation of good will.

Body Sensations Meditation– (18 min.) This can be used as a meditation on just neutral or pleasant body sensations, or it can be used to work with pain. It embraces the idea that the more intimate we are with the sensation, whether it is positive, negative, or neutral, the better we are able to understand and work with it in our lives.

Breath Meditation With Body Scan– (20 min.) This is an improvised meditation rather than one I read from a script, in an attempt to really draw from my own practice.

Breath- Witness and Shepherd (20min) -This is primarily a mindfulness of breathing meditation, spoken without a script. In the beginning I briefly describe the technique “connected breathing,” which consists of full breaths without pause in between and allowing the exhalation to flow out purely from the relaxation of the diaphragm. As the title suggests, the meditation encourages both witnessing and gently encouraging movement of the breath and awareness, and the merging of all of these elements. At one point I mention Mara- a Buddhist demon; you can simply think of him as the personification of forces that pull you away from becoming awake- he wields the hindrances. yt, IT

Cathedral of Awareness (14:00) This practice blends breath meditation and visualization to give the meditator an opportunity to craft their own inner space. The metaphor of a cathedral is used to illustrate the possibility of cultivating great scope and sacredness of that inner space through practice. On yt, IT

Cultivating Good Will (For Children and Older) (9:15) I wrote this meditation while thinking about how important it is for people to have a sense of good will for themselves, and that this sense can be instilled or neglected very early in life. By using some techniques I use in my everyday meditation practice, I tried to create a guided meditation that is accessible to any child who is old enough to follow along for about 9 minutes. I hope you and your children find this meditation useful! The background music is an excerpt from “Our Peaceful Ocean,” by Music of Wisdom     On yt

Generating Stability (15:30) This meditation begins with a careful look at the posture, followed by suffusing the body with awareness using breath as a guide. I use the theme of stability to further illustrate the potential of meditation to create a platform for personal power. On yt, IT

Five Spiritual Faculties (Strengths, Powers) (15 min.)- This meditation may be best (not necessarily) for practitioners with some experience, because it presumes some familiarity with “mindfulness of breathing.” The five faculties are conviction (faith, confidence), energy, mindfulness, concentration, and discernment. This is not an exhaustive look at the five faculties, but my distillation for the purpose of a guided meditation. I recommend the work of Thanissaro Bhikkhu for further study.

Meditate to Sleep For Children (& Adults) – (17 min.) Designed with kids in mind, but good for adults too. A body scan and some fun with the imagination, created in collaboration with my son, who enjoys falling to sleep to other guided meditations and visualizations.

Meditate to Sleep For Children (& Adults) (No Music)– (12.5 min.) Same as above, music removed.

Metta- Good Will is Available (15 min.)-This is a brief meditation and reflection on Metta, or Good Will- one of the four Brahmaviharas, or divine abodes, described in Buddhist scripture. The meditation centers on using the image of a kind benefactor in our life to stimulate the feeling of good will, which can then be cultivated into a limitless state. I close by reciting the Metta Sutta. This is one of a series of meditations I am recording “live” in my living room. yt, IT

Mindfulness of Breathing (~10 min)- This is a short, simple mindfulness of breathing meditation based on the first tetrad of the Anapanasati Sutta (mindfulness of in and out breathing). This teaching instructs the practitioner to begin with awareness of the breath, then become aware of the entire body, and finally to calm “bodily fabrication.” This can be a useful meditation all on its own, or could be a good way to get calm and centered before other practices. I hope you find it useful!

Mindfulness of Breathing 2 (16.40) This continues where my last meditation- “Mindfulness of Breathing”- left off. The first is based on the first tetrad of Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing), and is focused on calming “bodily fabrications.” This is based on the second tetrad, and culminates with calming “mental fabrications.” Enjoy!

Reflection on Gratitude and the Six Sense Spheres– This is a repetitive script which runs through each of the six sense spheres (sense bases, sense media)- sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, mind objects- with a brief reflection designed to elicit gratitude and generosity of spirit for the benefit of all beings. It’s more of a reflection which may be helpful in setting up for a meditation, or just something to give a lift any time of day. Enjoy!

Seven Factors of Awakening Meditation-(27 min.) There are many great teachers with deeper understanding of this teaching, but this is one way in which it is meaningful to me. I hope you enjoy.
Seven Factors of Awakening 15 Minute Version– This is the same script as the version above with less space in between descriptions. This can be useful if you have less time, or if you are using the guidance just at the beginning of a longer silent meditation. On yt, IT

Sleep Meditation, Sleep Meditation (No Music) (~10min.)- These are brief meditations (same script, one without music) to prepare the mind and body for a restful night sleep with a body scan and some inspirational words about the natural condition of sleep.

Sympathetic Joy (Mudita) -(13:30)- There is joy in this world, arrived at through skillful means, which does not harm other beings in its acquisition; this is the type of joy which can become limitless, which can be shared without diminishing. This meditation encourages the practitioner to look into the world, and into themselves, to find and share in this joy. on yt, IT

2020.01.21 The Peak of this Moment (12:41)-This is the first, hopefully in a series, of meditation mp3s taken from a video recording session. The idea is to have some video offerings for people who like that format, and to record a decent quality mp3 during that session for the soundtrack and for sharing as audio only. This one is brief, with some meditation guidance followed by a “meditation poem” for inspiration. Enjoy!

Total Wellness Body Scan– (18 min.) This body scan has a foundation in breath meditation and gives some guidance on how one can begin to use intention in their meditation to achieve a feeling of greater wellness in body and mind. On yt, IT

Some additional Free form guided meditations