“The more I see as I sit here among the rocks, the more I wonder about what I am not seeing” -Dick Proenneke

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Meditation resources

DhammatalksThanissaro Bhikkhu.  Audiodharma– Gil Fronsdal, Daniel Bowling.  Dharma SeedAkincano Marc Weber, Pointing out the WayDaniel Brown- Click here for a download of one of his meditations. Access to Insight– Great resource for Buddhist writings (Pali Canon). Insight Timer– most of my meditations are available here, along with thousands more. About Meditation– Quality meditation education site and podcast with my friend Morgan. Check it out!

Other disciplines:

Bible Gateway,  Neil KramerWim HofIdo Portal

Some offerings from good people I know:

Breath Awakening– Therapeutic breathwork. Boston Birthing– Doula, prenatal yoga, and birth education services. Sunshine Joy– Hippie gear! Rock Art Studios -beautiful art made of rocks. Chelsea Villegas -Outstanding artist. https://chrisbordenca.com/ -another outstanding artist. Lead Yourself Youth -Life skills for youth.  https://andrewkuusisto.com/ -Cool dude and musician. Illuminati Congo high vibe hip hop. https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/, https://newenglandkungfu.com/


I have decided to affiliate myself with companies who I do business with and who I find ethically sound. Actually, there’s just one right now. If you are in the market for high quality, organic, fair trade herbs, teas, essential oils, etc., please consider Mountain Rose Herbs. If you click that link, and if some other people do to, I will receive a referral fee. This is part of an effort to keep me creating within the realm of meditation, spirtual study, perhaps music, and the things you generally find on my website and insight timer.

An Important Map