“The more I see as I sit here among the rocks, the more I wonder about what I am not seeing” -Dick Proenneke

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Meditation resources

DhammatalksThanissaro Bhikkhu’s teachings inform my practice extensively. He is the gateway to the Thai Forest masters. I particularly like the “evening talks,” and the “talk collections” are very helpful as well. Also visit here for translations of many suttas.

AudiodharmaGil Fronsdal is an outstanding teacher who has played a major role in my adherence to some kind of path. The left column of this site is a good place to browse through and get acquainted with some of the common Buddhist lists. If you’re interested in conflict resolution, search for talks by Daniel Bowling.

Dharma Seed– I especially enjoy talks by Akincano Marc Weber, Pascal Auclair, and Larry Rosenberg.

Pointing out the WayDaniel Brown is a powerful teacher focusing on Indo-Tibetan teachings. Click here for a download of one of his meditations.

Access to Insight– Great resource for Buddhist writings (Pali Canon).

Insight Timer– Top notch meditation application- most of my meditations are available here, along with thousands more.

About Meditation– Quality meditation education site and podcast with my friend Morgan. Check it out!

Philosophy, mysticism, etc.:

Neil Kramer– A philosopher and teacher whose focus is more in western traditions, but leaves no stone unturned. His work has been a major factor in a renewed passion for spiritual discovery in my life. He is a wonderful wordsmith and, I daresay, wizard. Neil, like the teachers I mention above, emphasizes direct experience as paramount. Like Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Neil’s profound teachings challenge his listeners to achieve a singular level of self-possession- if you are easily offended, look elsewhere.

Wim Hof– so crazy, it just might work!

Illuminati Congo– Hip hop steeped in wisdom.

Ido Portal– move!


Radiant Creators– Great Podcast!

Kabbalah- Nice series of talks on youtube which introduce the teachings of Kabbalah.


Good people I know offering goods and services:

Breath Awakening– Therapeutic breathwork.

Boston Birthing– Doula, prenatal yoga, and birth education services.

Sunshine Joy– Hippie gear!




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