Some thoughts from folks who have enjoyed listening to my recordings, joining my live sessions, and/or working with me in some way. I share these in hopes that people will find inspiration in their words like I have.

Practicing with Mark during a live stream or listening to his recordings on Insight Timer is a real pleasure. I appreciate the diversity in his teachings and his ability to glean wisdom from various religious and spiritual traditions. He’s wise, compassionate, musically talented, humorous, and has a peaceful, calming voice. Mark is as refreshing as a nature walk through a spring forest. Give him a listen and I believe you’ll agree. -Kimberley Andriessen, Toronto, Ontario

I like the idea of practicing more limitlessness. If it weren’t for what I’ve learned and experienced here in the past three years, I would never have imagined I could experience limitlessness or breathing energy into my fatigue to give myself energy or to breathe refreshment into my work perspective or travel back in time to visit my timeless Self. -Michelle T.

Thanks to Gerd Altmann for the image: