Seasons Within The Breath (12min)- Inspired by a reading of Ecclesiastes 3, this meditation considers the breath as an analogue for the ebb and flow of the seasons, and that within the vastness of the All, far from the unknowable ends, there are gifts therein which can nourish us. Music by IvyMusic. Image by jplenio. YouTube, InsightTimer

The Weight of Our Attention (13min)- The root of the biblical word for honor comes from the word weight- it also can connote glory, respect, distinction, and importance. Where we place the weight of our attention determines much in navigating our path. Music by RelaxingTime. Image by Kengo Itou. YouTube, InsightTimer

Creativity, Bravery, Fulfillment- a Seat at God’s Table (8min) This meditation promotes the idea of taking ourselves seriously, of our inherent worthiness to take a seat at God’s table in the glory of this creation. Using inspirational imagery and breath meditation, this short sitting is an uplifting script for any time of day or night. IT, YT

Held by the Breath- (8 min) Break down the barriers of your everyday conception of the breath, the body, the mind, and the world that surrounds you, in this brief but powerful, breath-focused meditation. Allow yourself to be refreshed by the simple power of the breath. Thanks to Arek Socha for the image for Insight Timer. IT

Meditation with “On Death,” by Kahlil Gibran (~9min) This meditation is similar to some of my others in that we set up an intentional posture and connect with our breathing, but the intention and reflections are around the idea of death, and in the middle of the meditation, I read Kahlil Gibran’s piece, “On Death,” to aid in our reflection. I hope that it is a source of comfort and strength for you when you need it. IT

Provisions on the Path (~10min)- This meditation was transcribed and edited from an Insight Timer Live session on November 21st, 2021. A dharma talk and meditation combined- in some traditions the dharma talk happens as the practitioners meditate, allowing the talk to guide them when needed, whenever it enters their awareness. In this meditation we consider the inconstant nature of things- despite impermanence we prepare with provisions for the path. This brings to mind another word- provisional. It’s temporary, but what will suffice? What skillful choices can we make in thought and action on a path to happiness instead of misery. IT

Grow Your Goodness Into The World– (10:50) This meditation was transcribed and edited from an Insight Timer Live Session that some people wished to have for continued practice. Sometimes the subject matter and mood during a session just gives power and connectivity to the guided meditation that unfolds, though in many ways it’s very similar to many other guided meditations I lead. I transcribed and edited the talk that preceded it as well, and you can find that here. Listen to the audio on youtube., IT

A Glimpse into Timeless Awareness (12:28) This meditation begins with our typical concentration/mindfulness of breathing practice, and then we use our memory to see how there’s an aspect of awareness that appears to be unchanged by time. Bringing more spaciousness to our mind space can be a useful tool for a more peaceful and fulfilling life. IT

2020.01.21 The Peak of this Moment (12:41)- Some guidance followed by a “meditation poem” for inspiration. Enjoy! IT

Cathedral of Awareness (14:00) This practice blends breath meditation and visualization to give the meditator an opportunity to craft their own inner space. The metaphor of a cathedral is used to illustrate the possibility of cultivating great scope and sacredness of that inner space through practice. On yt, IT

A Beautiful Place– (15 min.) A meditation which considers that the heart/mind is like a natural setting, and with wise cultivation, it can be a beautiful place which can be with us always. There are a few separate reflections with some silence in between. On yt, IT

Generating Stability (15:30) This meditation begins with a careful look at the posture, followed by suffusing the body with awareness using breath as a guide. I use the theme of stability to further illustrate the potential of meditation to create a platform for personal power. On yt, IT

Authority of Well-Being (16:38) This is an improvised meditation taken and edited from my “free form meditations”- while I often will write a script based on a concept I want to express, I also like to record some meditations straight from my own present experience and practice. Occasionally I come across one that I think worked well. I hope you like it! On IT, yt, LBRY

Chanting Chakras (with Guitar)– (16:55) We will chant syllables for each of seven chakras. There is a brief instruction before each chant. You can chant along, or just listen. There is a lot of theory on each chakra, but you can think of this as a body scan, where you place your attention on each area with the intention for well-being and integration with your whole body. Try to imagine that when you inhale, you are breathing into that area, and the sound is reverberating there. You can go at your own pace or chant when I chant. Thanks to Vic_B for the beautiful image for insight timer! IT, youtube

Breath- Witness and Shepherd (20min) -This is primarily a mindfulness of breathing meditation, spoken without a script. In the beginning I briefly describe the technique “connected breathing,” which consists of full breaths without pause in between and allowing the exhalation to flow out purely from the relaxation of the diaphragm. As the title suggests, the meditation encourages both witnessing and gently encouraging movement of the breath and awareness, and the merging of all of these elements. At one point I mention Mara- a Buddhist demon; you can simply think of him as the personification of forces that pull you away from becoming awake- he wields the hindrances. yt, IT