Please Join me for one of my Insight Timer Live Events!

If you’re interested in attending a live session, find my profile from your pocket computer and look under “Upcoming” for scheduled events. I hope to see you there!

IT Live Audio Archive– These are minimally edited audio recordings of some of my insight timer live events in case people missed the original or want to revisit. Most sessions follow the format of a short “warmup” meditation, a talk, sometimes including a reading, and then another longer meditation, generally related to the subject of the talk:

2022.06.12 Needle and Knife #5– Of wood and fire, ashes and dust, and those dang 9 volt batteries

2022.06.05 Needle and Knife #4– Sauntering

2022.05.22 Needle and Knife #3– Drunkenness and/or Intoxication

2022.05.15 Needle and Knife #2– if the battery fits

2022.05.08 Needle and Knife #1

2022.05.01 Rahula and the Dipper

2022.02.27 Scripture Sundays- A reading from the Corpus Hermeticum

2022.02.09 Wakeful Wednesdays– Considering Letting Go

2021.12.15 Revenge of the leafblower (titles do not necessarily reflect the subject of the talk)

Behind the scenes at the live stream “studio”