Maybe all humans meditate, whether they call it meditation or not. It’s just a matter of what they’re meditating about or how they’re meditating. The same could be said for prayer. All humans pray, but who or what are they praying to and how. Meditation, contemplation, and prayer are not optional human activities- neither is creativity for that matter; the part that is optional is whether you know you’re doing it or not and how you are doing it. People say “I am not a creative person”, but that’s impossible. We may be, at times, primarily reproducing something we’ve already seen done, but we still have to send the information down the electro-chemical, meat and ether tubes, and add our touch to it. That’s the place to sink your teeth in and see if you can see, taste if you can taste, feast your eyes and witness your little stitch in the fabric. I write guided meditations, but maybe that’s my biggest goal in that activity: to bring a person to that place and disappear so that they can appear in their own authority. If we were made in God’s image, this must be his will- that we would be witnesses of our filament of his creation.

“Consume less. Share more. Enjoy life.” -fortune cookie

My latest guided meditation is up on the main page. You can download it or listen on youtube, and soon it will be up on insight timer.

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