Faith means I take what you
Say to be true
To be true.
But is this your due?
Should I reconstrue?

Within conviction lies the convict,
Within confidence the con man.

Of all the tricksters on the hill
Who’s the hindrances’ biggest shill?


Where do I go, What shall I do,
How shall I conceive right view?


But what is faith really all about?
Simply put,
It is the greatest antidote to doubt.


Energy schmenergy.
I thought only orange had no rhyme.
Persistence schmersistence.
All this trying is tying me down
Tiring me out-
I’m ready to curl up in a fluffy cloud of sloth and torpor and
Maybe some doubt.

When you look in the dictionary under the word sloth,
Well… you see a sloth.
But under torpor, there I am.

It’s time to make a plan.
Ah yes, remember faith
And mindfulness will come after
So maybe energy is like a tube
A channel to connect the two.

So I’ll just get out the plumber’s goo
I’ll busy my hands
Remember the skill
Scuff the joint
Apply a thin coat
Get to the point

Of realizing that I’ve set myself in motion.
A job needed doing and I remembered how-

Smile about that now,

That even though it may not be super sized
I am finally feeling
-at least a little bit-


Here I am, watching
Waiting, but not really waiting…
Aware that a change is likely to come,
And I’ve got front row seats.

What’s that now? They’re selling tasty treats?
I’d love something thanks!

Ah, but there it is, I forgot my fortune.
How did I get these sweet tickets anyhow?
Be present now.
Be grateful, yes, and let that be what keeps me here…

Did someone just say beer?
Two please, don’t know when you’ll be back around…
Hey! Someone tell that jerk to sit down!
Doesn’t he see he’s ruining it for everyone?

Wait, ruining what?
For everywho?
What is this spectacle I’ve grown so attached to?

Let in joy, let in gladness
Goodwill, noble sadness
My breath and body
mind and feelings
thoughts as they become unfurled,
Ardent, alert, and mindful
Without greed or distress in reference to the world.


Steadily, steadily returning

With each pass
New consistencies
But if I stop now I can only see
Mushy blobs
Puddles and
Powdery peaks
So keep

Steadily, steadily returning

To coax and suffuse
In due time, without abuse
Or red faced force
No wheedling to delegate or coerce
No whining or refusing this chosen course, just

Steadily, steadily returning

Till what was a labor becomes a dance
What was a mess becomes enchanting
Something that was hidden but always there
Seems to be the very nature of the air.
If an effort it was that spurred me on,

Steadily, steadily returning,

What that was seems to have gone
In a steadier still
Silent and sweet kind of


If I dare
With naked honesty
Bring experience to bear
While I still see
The light of noon
Cast upon contents
Of my head
I’d be rid of that which
I’d just as soon
Not end up mumbling
On my death bed.

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