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Held by the Breath-Break down the barriers of your everyday conception of the breath, the body, the mind, and the world that surrounds you, in this brief but powerful, breath-focused meditation. Allow yourself to be refreshed by the simple power of the breath. Thanks to Arek Socha for the image for Insight Timer (and above).

Mindfulness of Breathing (Anapanasati) (11:11)- This meditation is based on one I led in a live session following a talk on the anapanasati sutta- the Buddhist teaching on mindfulness of breathing. The rising and falling breath is maintained as a consistent object to train the attention and develop concentration. This leads to our increasing ability to witness what is occurring within- in body, feelings, mind- giving us greater inner authority.

Wow- a lot has happened since I last posted here… well, here’s something new- I’m hosting live guided meditation sessions on Insight Timer. Click HERE for the latest.

February 2020

I am still having fun with video, although, in watching them I find myself cracking up at how sleepy I seem- I am actually in the process of drinking coffee during them, and still! Perhaps my chief detractor was right, saying that I could use a little charisma and enthusiasm. Oh well, that’s part of the process. I am truly trying to learn how to communicate and to share little things that have helped my life at the same time. It sometimes works. The most popular thing I’ve put out since the last update was a meditation called Metta- Good Will is Available, which is also on Insight Timer. My youtube channel has that as audio only and as a video with an intro, as well as a couple other videos and new audio selections. I don’t know where all of this is headed, but I’m trying to enjoy myself in a wholesome way- perhaps it will do some good as a side effect. Oh! And on the music front, I had the opportunity to play my guitar and sing accompanied by a friend who is a classical cellist! Maybe I will be able to share one of our jams sometime. It was very fun, and humbling, just like all of this stuff. One of the guys whose work I follow shared this the other day, and I gotta say, it hits the nail on the head for me- ya know, sometimes when I’m here contemplating my credentials… best to keep a sense of humor.

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January 2020

Ok, I’m playing with video in the new year! Don’t get too excited, this video is pretty messed up (the audio doesn’t really line up, and I have some set work to refine 😄), but the audio is clear. In this video (click HERE) I start with one round of the basic Wim Hof breathing technique (here’s a link to an article I wrote about it), and then do a short improvised meditation followed by a “meditation poem,” for inspiration. I then edited out the intro and breathing and made an audio file (listed below as it will remain listed on my main page), which will hopefully be available soon on insight timer as well:

2020.01.21 The Peak of this Moment (12:41)-This is the first, hopefully in a series, of meditation mp3s taken from a video recording session. The idea is to have some video offerings for people who like that format, and to record a decent quality mp3 during that session for the soundtrack and for sharing as audio only. This one is brief, with some meditation guidance followed by a “meditation poem” for inspiration. Enjoy!

December 2019

Greetings my good people. Yes, another month has passed. I put a new poem up on my writing tab, called Ecclesia (as told thus far). As the name suggests, I want to leave it open for additions, maybe more so than I would with other written works- it feels like subject matter that was made to be a work in progress. In case you aren’t familiar with the word, ecclesia is kind of like sangha. I also started a Patreon page, in case anyone is inspired to be an ongoing supporter. My latest meditation is Authority of Well-Being, which is not very new, but if you get all your news of me here, it’s new to you. I guess that’s it for now. I’m definitely due for more audio content. Oh wait, that reminds me that I recorded myself reciting The Book of Ecclesiastes from the NKJV of the bible. Here’s the download link: Ecclesiastes NKJV Ok, much love to all! Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year if I don’t get back on here before then!

November 2019

I decided it was time to drop a line on this news page, just in case people decide to drop by, to let you know that I am still actively involved with this site. I am in the process of writing a new course, which I think will be on the topic of the Seven Factors for Awakening. I am probably due to write a new meditation for Insight Timer. As always, if anyone has a topic they’d like to hear worked into a guided meditation, I’m happy to consider it; I can’t make any promises, but I get some good inspiration sometimes from working through material that way. Well, that’s about it for now. Hopefully I’ll have a new blog entry soon. Thanks!

April 2019

New! Cathedral of Awareness (14:00) This practice blends breath meditation and visualization to give the meditator an opportunity to craft their own inner space. The metaphor of a cathedral is used to illustrate the possibility of cultivating great scope and sacredness of that inner space through practice.

March 2019

New “weekly” meditation

February 2019

It’s been a month or so of music for me. In the midst of a quiet session of contemplation on the banks of the Charles, I was inspired to write some lyrics which became my new song “Lit by the Sun.” I have also re-recorded an old one called “Lighten” – both are available at bandcamp through those links, and I’ve submitted them to be accepted in all the major outlets like spotify, itunes, etc., so hopefully they will be searchable shortly. I have created a separate facebook page for music updates- please like/follow if you are interested.

Lit by the Sun cover

Happy Imbolc! imbolc 2

January 2019

New article about Wim Hof.

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Happy new year! But don’t forget, it’s winter- a good time to turn inward, to reflect, and to quietly set the stage of the next wise emergence.

December 2018

New! Sympathetic Joy (Mudita) -(13:30)- There is joy in this world, arrived at through skillful means, which does not harm other beings in its acquisition; this is the type of joy which can become limitless, which can be shared without diminishing. This meditation encourages the practitioner to look into the world, and into themselves, to find and share in this joy.

Don’t forget to check out this week’s weekly guided meditation!

November 2018

Insight timer has released my course! While you can get it through me, their app. is pretty cool and has some features I can’t offer. Check it out:


New!! Generating Stability (15:30) This meditation begins with a careful look at the posture, followed by suffusing the body with awareness using breath as a guide. I use the theme of stability to further illustrate the potential of meditation to create a platform for personal power.

Suttas read aloud available now!

My first course is finished! Click on Mindfulness and the Divine Abodes to learn more!

Available Now: Click here for the first Weekly Guided Meditation. My idea was to offer a meditation in a similar way I would if I were in the room with a group; in other words, it would not be written ahead of time- I would just “improvise” for the time (probably roughly 20 minutes). While these are likely to have some similarities to each other because I’ll guide from how I like to meditate, having them morph over the weeks with whatever is going on with me should (I hope) give them a more intimate feel.

October 2018

One Mind Meditation Podcast with Morgan Dix– Morgan and I shoot the breeze about meditation practice and beyond.

Coming soon! I’m working on a ten day audio course called Mindfulness and the Divine Abodes. Each of the ten days has a short teaching and guided meditation (~10-15 min. total). The main subjects are the Satipatthana Sutta (Foundations or establishments of mindfulness) and the Brahmaviharas (the Divine Abodes or Sublime Attitudes). I am making this available through Insight Timer- I retain the rights, but they ask that I do not sell it for less than they charge, so it will be available here for a suggested donation of $20. This effort has inspired me to try some more talks- not just guided meditation- and I’d like to offer some of those the same way I offer my other guided meditations- free! Stay tuned.