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April 2019

New! Cathedral of Awareness (14:00) This practice blends breath meditation and visualization to give the meditator an opportunity to craft their own inner space. The metaphor of a cathedral is used to illustrate the possibility of cultivating great scope and sacredness of that inner space through practice.

March 2019

New “weekly” meditation

February 2019

It’s been a month or so of music for me. In the midst of a quiet session of contemplation on the banks of the Charles, I was inspired to write some lyrics which became my new song “Lit by the Sun.” I have also re-recorded an old one called “Lighten” – both are available at bandcamp through those links, and I’ve submitted them to be accepted in all the major outlets like spotify, itunes, etc., so hopefully they will be searchable shortly. I have created a separate facebook page for music updates- please like/follow if you are interested.

Lit by the Sun cover

Happy Imbolc! imbolc 2

January 2019

New article about Wim Hof.

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Happy new year! But don’t forget, it’s winter- a good time to turn inward, to reflect, and to quietly set the stage of the next wise emergence.

December 2018

New! Sympathetic Joy (Mudita) -(13:30)- There is joy in this world, arrived at through skillful means, which does not harm other beings in its acquisition; this is the type of joy which can become limitless, which can be shared without diminishing. This meditation encourages the practitioner to look into the world, and into themselves, to find and share in this joy.

Don’t forget to check out this week’s weekly guided meditation!

November 2018

Insight timer has released my course! While you can get it through me, their app. is pretty cool and has some features I can’t offer. Check it out:


New!! Generating Stability (15:30) This meditation begins with a careful look at the posture, followed by suffusing the body with awareness using breath as a guide. I use the theme of stability to further illustrate the potential of meditation to create a platform for personal power.

Suttas read aloud available now!

My first course is finished! Click on Mindfulness and the Divine Abodes to learn more!

Available Now: Click here for the first Weekly Guided Meditation. My idea was to offer a meditation in a similar way I would if I were in the room with a group; in other words, it would not be written ahead of time- I would just “improvise” for the time (probably roughly 20 minutes). While these are likely to have some similarities to each other because I’ll guide from how I like to meditate, having them morph over the weeks with whatever is going on with me should (I hope) give them a more intimate feel.

October 2018

One Mind Meditation Podcast with Morgan Dix– Morgan and I shoot the breeze about meditation practice and beyond.

Coming soon! I’m working on a ten day audio course called Mindfulness and the Divine Abodes. Each of the ten days has a short teaching and guided meditation (~10-15 min. total). The main subjects are the Satipatthana Sutta (Foundations or establishments of mindfulness) and the Brahmaviharas (the Divine Abodes or Sublime Attitudes). I am making this available through Insight Timer- I retain the rights, but they ask that I do not sell it for less than they charge, so it will be available here for a suggested donation of $20. This effort has inspired me to try some more talks- not just guided meditation- and I’d like to offer some of those the same way I offer my other guided meditations- free! Stay tuned.