Ecclesia (as told thus far)

[How do I share my goodness if I fear folly? 
-waiting in darkness, cobbling a better me-
We must allow that a little sin might be,
As a bit of debris may fall unseen into the cookpot,
Yet we serve the meal
And do not keep the stew hidden
Until it is all spoiled.
A time comes
And there is no marker but a spilling over of our heart.
And if that is not enough
Find the true heart of another
And be blessed.]

Do not shun the darkness 
Nor raise it to the heart
Though it clings as we cling 
We climb 
Hung from a limb
Held aloft on the canopy 
By blind fingers
Also destined for death.

Give that which is death's 
To death.
Have no hate for crowns of root
Heaved through the earth's surface 
By the death plunge of a former king.
But lo, the stars have a new pool above 
And the sun will awaken new shoots.

Things that are boneless seem plump with flesh
wraiths dancing your desire
yet there is no grasping them.
The most despised of his creatures
Do base and essential biddings
And are built to show what death inspired could be
Spinning the thrall
Placing that thing
Disguised as your own power 
In your own hands.
Do not raise this to the brow
Lest a stinger fly forth
And darken your dreams. 

You must make your plans.
Faith is requisite
To not crawl and climb
But shed and ascend
But when you crawl, know crawling
And the thickening of your hide.
When it is truly tough
Sharp and horned
Do not name it a crown 
Though it resembles one.
Its dominion is that on which it feeds 
And what feeds on it
Co-consumed in the void.

How shall I know true shedding?
The gift of two eyes
One kept
One lent, each to each
to glisten in accord.
I saw you struggling in the dark among the light
with your brothers and alone.
I saw you,
pretending to be worthless
though your sisters' eyes were merciful
but when that became the world's leveling 
you found your gift.

Yes, this is something else.
It can barely be named.
But a man in the forest did say a word
And it stirred me:

Heaven on Earth!
The blessed realm on a knife's blade!
Lonely hearts fade into the deep
Kindling for one another 
A space of reckoning
And God sees our fire.

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