Mara’s Encounter with the Unbeholden Heart

Where lie the borders of your domain
So that I might blend with your subtle joys and sorrows
Such that you will mistake me for your self and your kin?
Even when you’ve come so far, pleaded, borrowed
From dubious faiths, cross-legged hacks.
It’s here you’ll find my tender trap.

But what’s this?

What thing did you contact in a slipping, shining dawn
Stifling a delicious yawn, what thing did you lightly keep
That tasted sweeter than sensuous sleep?

How do you just sit there
While the world is consumed?
How can you ignore
The perspicacious ushers of doom?


Come! Lo! My domain is our playground!
As gods, together we will channel torrents of ecstasy!
Feast with me, as my royal guest!


I see…

You believe your soul to be an un-flickering candle flame,
Imbued with a steadiness to slay even wind and rain…

That’s cute.

And replete
with vainglory! Conceit!


This is my house!


These words
are sweet,
go back
to sleep.


Your silence says it all-
that you worship a void.
You bend your back
to a sickness of lack.


Why won’t you fight with me anymore?

I care for your heart.

You care for your own heart.

I don’t deny that.

You fool, I have no heart.

Then, I give you mine
-Unbeholden but
For the divine-
Whose bonds are cut.

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