stained glass 1
This is a window installed in the Newton Wellesley Hospital prayer room, where I had the privilege of leading guided meditation for nearly three years. It is a place I will always associate with tranquility and growth in my own spiritual practice. This beautiful piece was designed by Alice Johnson of the Lyn Hovey Studio and fabricated by the Lyn Hovey Studio. Find more of their work at

These meditations are dedicated to my Monday meditators at NWH. They are free form guided meditations delivered mostly from my living room as if to a group (welcome group!):

2019.03.12 -been a while!

2019.01.29 -Authority of Well-being

2019.01.09 -Om with me

2019.1.3 -Winter’s silence

2018.12.19 -faster than c

2018.12.12 -with a nod to connected breathing technique.


2018.11.28 -come as you are, purring cat, spacey meditation.

2018.11.20-spreading awareness, spreading ease.



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