The ellipsis is a most enigmatic punctuation- the indication that there is something in that space, that there is meaning in the silence, that the story goes on, and on. Identity is a tricky thing, especially on a website which is largely about meditation- a topic around which the question of self has been of considerable interest. So why do I have a website? Am I a teacher? In short, my life has benefited from a variety of spiritual and meditative practices, and I decided to do a basic take-it-or-leave-it approach to sharing my ideas and guided meditations. Some people say I have a soothing voice, some people say it’s monotonous or dry; and I say welcome to Samsara, where, whether you like a thing or not, it can be a teacher. The best way to think about it may be that I share teachings primarily for my own consideration and review. Each individual who endeavors to take on a spiritual path must do so with great personal responsibility; in the end, there is no guru, nor villain, nor god to blame for this predicament. I would never share a thing which I deemed harmful, but I can only be responsible for how it has worked in my own life. Where will our predominant desires find purchase in the annals of time? Stacks of cash, companies, land? (Ah, sweet land, so unseen, unfelt.) Some will write a book which will inspire people for ages. Some will use a few well-chosen words to convey something unbreakable to the hearts of wise youth. What will this do? What shall I do….

All is burning


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